RV Delamination Repair System and Sealants

Catch delamination early, before you can see it. Make repairs before the problem requires complete sidewall replacement. Windows, rooflines, hatches, and vents are all suspect areas. Park your RV at an angle to the sun or a light. Identify wavy or bubbled areas. Use your hands to press on the fiberglass, does it give or bend? Lightly tap on the sidewall with a plastic handle. Delaminated areas produce a hollow sound.
When Are You Going To Fix Your Delamination?
Or Wait Until It's Too Late?
When It Is Noticable ?
Before You Can See It?
Tips for Identifying Sidewall Delamination
Composet SLV is a specially formulated high-performance aerospace grade resin system developed to re-bond RV walls.
Far superior to general purpose boat epoxy, construction adhesive, and contact cement, Composet SLV has the strength, thermal flexibility, moisture resistance, viscocity, and work life required for this type of repair. Composet SLV is the best RV Epoxy and Glue available!
Combined with our injection system and tools our kits have the potential to keep your rig in one piece.
Delamination Repair Kits
Ogden UT 84404
featuring our proprietary
New for 2017!
The #1 cause of delamination is water intrusion due to failed caulking, sealing, and gaskets!
Click here to learn about caulks and sealants on our Sealants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page
# 24 KIT
Ogden UT
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