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"... great pre-measured kit. Worked great to fix our delam, THANKS!...."
"...we fixed it!....excellent product..."
"...Excellent product.Very well put together kit. I was skeptical but it works great..." Bob S.
RV Delam Repair Kit
"I just wanted to Thank You. The slideout repair turned out great...I will be doing the other side next week."
The proprietary Composet SLV® epoxy system works on re-bonding delaminated fiberglass wall panels on RV's, Motorhomes, Campers,Trailers, 5th Wheels, and Toy Haulers.

RV Wall Delamination Repair Products

Fixing Filon, wall bubbles & bulges, re-bonding Luann plywood, and gluing together delaminated Styrofoam, wood and aluminum RV walls. Composet SLV® is designed to do one thing- fix RV, motorhome, and camper walls!

Do not settle for general purpose epoxy, fiberglass resin, boat repair epoxy, and other so-called RV glues and adhesives that may not last. Can be used on styrofoam.

Composet SLV® is the original Styrofoam safe, high strength, thermally flexible, moisture resistant epoxy system with the correct viscocity, and work life required for RV delam repair. Fix it once, fix it right!

Delamination Repair Kits, Sealants, & Parts for RV's & Motorhomes

We believe in supporting our customers and include Tech Support and Project Analysis with the purchase of our products. We are avaiable almost 24/7 to answer questions.

Recently we've been getting many calls with questions from RV owners having problems using products from other suppliers. Unfortunately, we cannot answer tech questions on other brands, offer advice on how to make repairs using competitive brands, or troubleshoot the problems you are having.

For those that choose to purchase and use repair products on this website, and from Composet Products LLC, we make ourselves readily available to support you in your repair by sharing our product knowledge and expertise in RV repair and maintence.
What Makes Us Stand Above The Others
"This is my second order of your product, it does exactly what you say it will do when you follow the simple instructions, “GREAT STUFF!!!”
Inventors of the Composet SLV™ RV Wall Delamination Repair System
Over 5,000 RV's succesfully repaired in 4 countries and 48 states!
Accept no substitute! Top Rated Customer Service and Technical Support
"Just want to you to know we are very satisfied with the results! Thanks for the awesome customer swervicend very complete kit.”
"Just want to you to know we are very satisfied with the results! Thanks for the awesome customer service and very complete kit.”
"FYI- I'm giving myself am 8 out of 10 on the repair. Thanks so much for you help...much appreciated .”
"Thanks for all your help. The product and procedure was a success. Mike the Mobile RV repair Guy. ”
"Worked great! So glad we we went with your products."
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